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How To Stop Telemarketers

Nothing is more annoying than telemarketers. Americans receive 2.4 billion robocalls every month. How annoying! Thankfully there are ways that you can stop telemarketers. We’ll go over all of the ways in which you can reduce the amount of unwanted calls you receive. Including how to use phone number tracing apps to identify and block these types of calls.

How To Stop Telemarketers

Though there’s no way to stop telemarketers completely there are a few different ways that you can reduce the amount of unwanted calls you’re receiving. Follow these steps to cut down on the calls you receive:

  1. Make sure your phone numbers (home and mobile) are on the FTC’s Do Not Call Registry. Once you’ve added your number to the list telemarketers can’t call you legally after 31 days have passed. There are a few exceptions though, these include¬†political, charity, debt collection, informational calls, and telephone survey calls. Unfortunately, you’ll still receive these types of calls, but unwanted sales calls are illegal.
  2. Stop giving your number out to retailers. Stop giving your personal phone out to retailers when they ask for it. It’s unnecessary information that is usually sold to third parties.
  3. Stop using your number on surveys. Similarly, we’ll often participate in survey that request a phone number. Again, these survey companies will sell information to third parties.
  4. Don’t post your phone number in your social media. So many people have there phone number publicly displayed on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Fix your privacy settings on your social media profiles so that your phone number isn’t public.
  5. Check what information is available on you online. It’s always smart to run a quick Google search on your phone number every now and then to see if there is any information available on it. If there is you can contact the website and request that it be removed.

Using Phone Number Tracing Apps To Stop Them

You can also use an iPhone phone number lookup to filter your calls and cut down on the amount of spam calls you receive.

The more you interact with unwanted calls, i.e. answering them, pressing buttons when they call, getting angry and yelling at them, the more they will call you. Trust us. It’s not worth your time to talk to these people.

Instead, use an app to look up phone numbers and see what other people are saying about them. Chances are that they will be calling a lot of other people and annoying them from the same number. Additionally, many of these apps have spam blocking features that will automatically block unwanted calls.